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Oriental Rug Care

Preparing the rug for washing

Before washing, we inspect the rug carefully. Look for caked soil, paint, dry rot, and damaged areas. Damaged areas that might tear or unravel during washing are stopped off. That is, damaged ends or sides are temporarily stitched up.

The rug is vacuum cleaned. First, we dust the back of the rug. After dusting the back, you'll probably find sand and dirt on the floor that was loosened from the pile. If there's a lot of this material, it's a good idea to vacuum the back again. Then, carefully, vacuum the front of the rug.

Washing, rinsing and drying

We use a mild industrial detergent with a pH of less than 7.5. If it's gentile enough for old Sheep, it's gentile enough for your rug. Only cold or room temperature water is used for washing and rinsing.

The rug is completely immersed and soaked in the washing solution for about one-hour. By the time the rug has soaked one-half hour, one can see a considerable amount of soil released into the wash water.

After soaking, the rug is scrubbed vigorously on both sides with a soft fiber brush. The rug is then rinsed until rinse water runs clear. A large rug should be spread out, back up, and rinsed by hosing it down. Rinsing must be very thorough.

When rinsing is complete, the rug is spread out, pile upwards, and water is forced from the rug with a squeegee.

If possible the rug is allowed to dry while it lies flat. Drying time depends on the rug condition, size and ambient temperature and humidity. typically, a nine-by-twelve rug in full pile will require between two and three days to dry completely.

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