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About Us

About Us

"If it's cleanable we clean it"

The succinct business philosophy of Chris and Roxie speaks volumes about the mission of Country Club Rug and Fabric Care. Chris, who owns the well-known cleaning service along with his mom Roxie, takes personal pride in delivering quality cleaning to every customer, regardless of the item.

"We clean just about everything from carpets, upholstery, oriental and special rugs and bedding to suede, leather, animal skins and outdoor furniture cushions," Chris explains with a note of pride. "What the dry cleaner can't clean, we will."

And they make it easy "We come to your door, pick up your items to be cleaned and deliver them back to you." he adds. "Or you can drop them off to us if that's easier for you.

Chris and Roxie try to work within a 50 mile radius focusing on local customers and their needs. Along with cleaning, they will also travel to the customer; move the furniture to pick up the rug and when they return place the rug and furniture back in place. There is a minimum charge for this service.

An Array of Services

Some of the other professional services Country Club Rug and Fabric Care offers are:

Pick-up and delivery
Rug cleaning
Rug Washing
Fabric cleaning
Teflon protector
Moth Protection
Specialized spotting
Rug Bleaching

"We have a large drying room with fans and dehumidifiers where we hoist the rugs up to dry.". Chris notes "That the process usually takes about 24 to 36 hours for an average size oriental rug."

Regular cleaning promotes rug longevity

Chris loves to educate customers on what gives long life to a rug and explains that there is an assortment of reasons why people should clean them, regardless of whether they are located in a home or business.

"A clean rug has brighter, cleaner colors and the wool is glossier", he says. "If this isn't reason enough, washing a rug also protects it. When a soiled rug is used, solid partials cut the fibers and accelerate wear. If a rug is to be stored, then washing it to protect it from carpet beetles, moths and mildew is a good idea."

Chris said another motive is to discover the rug's true condition. "The first washing of a newly-acquired rug may disclose virtues and faults. One may discover brilliant colors and attractive design details or painted areas and permanent stains "Ultimately, the truth is best."

In Business since 1991

Chris' dad Joe started his carpet cleaning business in 1991 and has been at his current Country Club location, 5723-F Country Club Road, since 1996. In addition to their complete line of services, Country Club Rug and Fabric Care also sell rug padding and rug protectors.

Take a good look at your rugs. Chances are they need some attention and professional cleaning will enable them to last longer and retain their beauty.

One quick call to Chris or Roxie at 336-945-7864 or 336-766-8195 makes the process quick and easy.

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